Mark Pocock Copywriting & Marketing Portfolio

I’ve written for a wide variety of industries: from flowers to finance. And I’ve probably written a piece in your niche market. Even if I haven’t, all I need to do is get into your prospect’s shoes and target his or her hot buttons to make your product or service irresistible to them.

Here’s just a few samples for you to see my style of writing:
(Examples open in PDF)

Print AdBrill Kids

Health letter for Vitamin D

Letter selling SEO software

A letter selling Internet Marketing videos

A letter selling a Weight-loss product

A long sales letter for a stop smoking site

A mortgage lead generating letter which forced 1 in 3 mortgage brokers to respond

A mortgage letter part of a direct mailing to 17 million people

A web page for a internet copy

An invitation for a financial seminar

Here is a Lead Generation letter

Take particular note of the headlines when you look at the samples. And see how they strike at the ‘core desire’ of the target market. Contact Mark