The Truth of What Customers Really Buy – And It’s Not Your Product or Services

Most advertising I see is not compelling. The reason? It only presents facts and features about the product or service and then expects customers to buy.

Tell the story of how you came about the product or why you started your business service.

Convert the features into benefits.

People buy benefits and results – NOT features. And then they buy deep benefits. It’s all about knowing your customer.

Say you’re selling pencils.

Well a feature of your pencil is it contains lead. OK?

The benefit is you can write words in paper with your pencil.

Thedeep benefit depends on who you’re selling pencils to:

To a student they might want to appear organized and prepared for every eventuality.

To a plumber – the ability to mark out measurements and write upside down.

To a carpenter to write on wood and know you’ll erase your words afterwards.

To a shop keeper it’s the profits available to him from retailing the pencils to a wide array of customers.

Create a virtually irresistible offer to buy your product or service. You do this by turning features into benefits.
Traditional marketing recommends that you keep your sales message short because people don’t like to read.

This is one of the biggest mistakes being made in marketing every day by businesses that have been misinformed.

To create desire your prospect likes to know all the benefits that will happen when he or she buys your product. You need to create an excitement within them – so that they can’t leave the offer and they really need your product.

That means – always walk your prospect through the experience of owning your product. You can increase sales by hundreds of thousands of pounds this way.

You can never have too many benefits. Use every one of them, and present a compelling case to your customers.