Marketing Articles


Testimonials – Learn how by adding testimonials you can improve your marketing.

Proof – In this article I’ll show you why using proof in so important in your marketing.

Customers – the truth, what do customers want?

Risk reversal – And how it can help your business.

Sales Letter – The passport to greater business profits

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The Offer – Get your customers into a buying frenzy

USP – how to find your Unique Selling Point

Don Corleone – The secret of the irresistable offer

1904 – Lasker – The shocking advertising secret

Advertising Truths – The shocking truth why your advertising costs you a fortune

Sales Prospecting – How to make more prospects believe what you’re telling them in your ads

Strategic Email Marketing – How to Stop Your Prospect Saying “Heard it before” When They Read Your Ad

Writing ads – do you make these mistakes?

Business Sales Leads -How to convert more of your web site visitors into business leads and sales.