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Attention Infusionsoft users

Here’s the real reason your emails are NOT generating more sales and hot leads. Hint; NOT your subject line. What it is… and what to do about it

Let me tell you a quick story…

As you may know, one of the greatest copywriters who ever lived was Gary Halbert. Gary was a copywriting genius. He wrote the famous Coat of Arms direct mail. This piece was mailed somewhere around 600 million pieces. And it generated millions of dollars in revenue. It was so successful dozens of people were employed to deal with the response.


What’s this direct mail story got to do with email? The answer is everything.

See, one of Gary’s famous quotes was this; “You can’t bore people into buying from you.”

People simply will not read your emails if they’re boring. When they see your email arrive in their inbox, they’ll see it and think;

“Another bloody sales email.”


“Another boring email”

And the response?

It’s deleted.

And with it go your chances of generating more sales. The result? You end up frustrated with the lack of response from your list. You don’t send out enough emails. And your dreams and ambitions for growing your business wither and die.

So how do you overcome this scenario?

Firstly, don’t send out boring emails.

And second, you need to entertain the reader in your emails.

Tell them stories. Give them hot news. Reward the reader in the copy for reading it. Give them excitement. .Show them how their lives can be improved or enriched with your service or product. Take away the pain they’re facing.

The thing is you want your reader to see your email in their inbox and know they’re going to be entertained when they read it. They’re going to be transported out of their boring everyday life into a minute or two of drama and excitement. In other words, they get an endorphin rush.

And they get this rush by taking the reader down – what is known in copywriting circles as the greased slide. This slide starts with the reader at the top of the email – your subject line or first sentence. Makes them read the opening sentence. Then the second sentence. Until they’ve whooshed through the email to the call to action.

Now you have some tips for writing emails which get opened, read and acted upon.

However if you don’t want to write your emails yourself then I can do this for you.

Whether you need a series of emails writing… a complete email marketing funnel…I can help. Just as I’ve helped many other companies. Here’s just a few of the clients I’ve written emails for;

Progressive Property – a £10 million property investment education company.

Unlimited Success – personal development company.

RoarLocal Direct Marketing Agency

Trading College – a ForEx trading company

Online entrepreneurs Neil Asher and Nicola Cairncross

Australian Direct Marketing legend Kerwin Rae

Software Company VectorVest

Millionaire Forex trader Marcus De Maria

Property investor Ben Rogers

Recruit Sleuth – Australian Recruitment Company

Multi-million dollar health supplement company owned by Ed O’Keefe

Imagine sending out emails which your prospects devour. Imagine seeing your sales shoot up. Imagine making higher profits.

No more wondering what to write in your emails. No more unopened emails. No more overtly salesy emails trying to “force” the reader to buy. Instead you can have a stealth approach working on your behalf.

What to do next

Make your email marketing easier…And get better results with emails that get read.

Get in touch today.

I offer a FREE – 15 minute Skype consultancy call (value £99) – to review your current email campaign. There’s no obligation. No future commitment. And you’re NOT going to be sold to.

So why not contact me today while it’s fresh in your mind? Do it now and you won’t have to remember to do it later.

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And take the first step to getting more leads and sales.

I look forward to increasing your sales.

Mark Pocock