Simple Factor To Use In Your Marketing

Include This Simple Factor in Any Website, Sales Letter or Ad To Ensure Your Piece is The One Thing Your Customer Reads Today

So what’s the most common mistake in ads, web pages, sales letters, brochures?

It’s a mistake 99% of businesses make. And it’s costing thousands of pounds in lost profits.

Using a headline.

Yes really. It’s that simple. You need to attract attention.

Your ad needs to be the one piece of information your customer reads today.

We’re living in the information age. People are bombarded with information. Morning, noon and night. So to get noticed you need to cut through the everyday clutter and command attention.

This is what your headline does.

But what should you say in your headline? Good question.

You communicate a powerful benefit to them. So you drag your reader into reading your copy.

How can you do this? By creating compelling headlines and copy. The headline in your marketing material whether this is ads, web sites, sales letters or brochures – need to give your customers benefits. This is so relevant that this one thing alone can increase or decrease your response from customers.

In fact famous Marketing adman the, late David Ogilvy, said he’s seen different headlines out pull by as much as 1700%.

When you read a magazine or newspaper – do you read every story? The chances are that you read the stories whose headline interests you. If it doesn’t you skip the story.

The headline and opening paragraph are the initial curiosity that pulls the reader in if they feel it’s not relevant to them, their interest will quickly wane.

The secret to a powerful headline

The secret to a powerful headline is that they need to be specific to the customers that you’re trying to sell to. It needs to be compelling. It needs to tell them what’s in it for them. It needs to show them that you are the best person to buy it from.

You’ll probably look at headlines in a totally different way.

But how do you write good headlines?

You must target the right prospect for your product or services. Then speak directly to that person. You laser in on a particular group of people you’re trying to attract. Their wants, beliefs and desires. What keeps them awake ‘til 4am.

So if most businesses advertise with their name right at the top – you could advertise and give your customers a BIG BOLD PROMISE.

“If you are not totally happy with your ‘Purchase’ we will refund 100% of your money – no questions asked.”

Pay attention. If all the businesses have roughly the same sized ad – each costing a similar amount of money. Yet only one shop gives the shopper what they really want ‘what’s in it for them’ which shop is going to do the most business?

The business that understands marketing will out-perform its competitors by getting more customers.

Follow these simple steps to help you get a winning headline:

* Make a list of benefits of your product.

* Why should I buy from you and not your competitor?

* What’s so special about your product/service?

Use powerful headlines to attract more customers.