How Lasker Can He Help You

Revealed …The Shocking 102 Year Old Advertising Secret And How You Can Exploit It


In 1904 a relatively unknown copywriter by the name of John E Kennedy sent a note to A. L. Thomas, the head of the Lord & Thomas advertising agency. The note read:

“I am in the saloon downstairs. I can tell you what advertising is. I know you don’t know. It will mean much to me to have you know what it is and it will mean much to you. If you wish to know what advertising is, send the word ‘yes’ down by the bell boy.” Signed John E Kennedy

The note would have been trashed if Albert Lasker had not intercepted it. Lasker was the rising star of Lord and Thomas and at the age of 24 he was a partner earning $52,000. Yet he did not know to his satisfaction what advertising was. Neither could he find anyone else who knew.

So he summoned Kennedy to his office. And Kennedy whispered three powerful words to him. Those three words changed the face of advertising forever.

What were they?

Salesmanship in Print.

After being exposed to this powerful concept, Lasker commissioned the brilliant Kennedy to write the set of principles into a series of lessons which were used to train Lord & Thomas copywriters.

Soon Lord & Thomas became the training center for the advertising world. Their copywriters were being paid $4000/year, a fantastic salary for the time. Yet, other agencies were hiring them away by offering salaries up to $15000/year – just to get the magic of Salesmanship-in Print into their agencies.

So what does this mean to you and your business.

Well how about making your ads work harder to sell your products or services?

Your ads are part of your sales team. You’re trying to reach thousands of customers you otherwise wouldn’t reach. You’re trying to persuade your prospects to respond to what you’re offering to them.

You’re not trying to entertain. Or be creative in your ads. Or keep your name circulating. You wouldn’t employ a sales person to keep your name out there, would you? Of course not! You’d demand sales from him. Or else he’d be out.

So how do you go about writing ads that sell? Good question.

Let’s start by reviewing the laws of selling.

People like to buy. But not be sold to.

People buy for emotional reasons. Not rational reasons.

However once they’ve decided to buy they then justify their decision with logical reasons.

Well the first one is fairly self-explanatory. Nobody wants a pushy salesperson in their face. However on the other hand we do as buyers like to buy

Now, regarding emotions. What emotions should your ads appeal to? Well try these for starters. Fear. Greed. Laziness. Vanity. Anger. Curiosity. Patriotism. Guilt. Those are probably the main ones. In fact all your marketing should be saturated with emotions.

Never try and batter your readers with logical reasons. Not until you’ve hit your prospects emotional hot buttons.

So how do we find those? Well you’ve got to know your prospect. His or her wants, beliefs and desires. And marry them up with your product or service.

Once you’ve hit his emotions you then pile on with the proof. State facts. Figures. Ways to enhance your credibility. Use everything in your armory.

Persuade. Persuade. Persuade.

Tell em how their life is going to improve. How they’ll live longer…generate a windfall of profits…slash their costs…how they’ll be running around like a teenager…launch golf drives like a laser guided canon…their computer will be more powerful and run faster…

Salesmanship in print. Never forget it.

It’s what advertising really is.