Sales Prospecting

How to make more prospects believe what you’re telling them in your ads


Simply include these factors in your Sales Prospecting  – Part One

1 Use reason why copy. So your prospect is reading your sales ad, web page or whatever. You make a claim. “We do X….faster and at half the cost.” And you carry on in your copy. Big Mistake. You don’t go onto explain why you do X faster and at half the price.

This is so important to your customer. They want to believe you. They’re desperate to believe you have the solution to their problem in life….BUT they’ve heard it all before. So your claim washes over them.  And they think you’re full of BS like every

So when you make a claim you give the reason why you can do this. You’re answering the conversation the reader is having in their mind when they’re reading your ad.

We call it reason why copy. So always give the reason why.

2. Be specific in your copy. Specific writing is always more believable than vague writing.

Use specific figures. Never round figures off. 87 is more believable than 100. The 87 sticks out.

Use specific names. Don’t just use the XYZ Company. Use Mr John Smith, Head of Production, XYZ company.

When you are more specific you’re more believable.

3. Make your copy flow like a greased slide. Go from point A. To Point B to Point C.

Don’t jerk the reader around sentence to sentence. Make one sentence flow after the next sentence. Make the succeeding sentence pick up from where the previous sentence left off. This makes your copy easy to read and understand.

I’ve been lucky enough to be mentored by Parris Lampropoulos for the last two years. The guy’s a genius copywriter. The first time he critiqued some copy I wrote for him….jeez….I thought….I’m at a different level to him. It was the first time anyone had commented on the actual quality of writing.

But I soon smartened up. And a great way improve your writing is to read a book “On Writing Well” by William Zinsser. Buy bit 2nd hand on Amazon.


4. Use examples through your copy. The strongest proof you can use is demonstration proof. When you use demonstration proof your reader has no choice BUT to believe you. Why? Because you’re giving a demonstration that what you say is true right in front of him.

There is no hot air. No BS. No hyper exaggerated advertising claims. So always try and use demonstration proof.

And there are some added advantages to demonstration proof as well for your sales prospecting. These are:

  • You position yourself as an expert. So people are more likely to use you when they’re ready to buy. You don’t know where they are in the buying circle.
  • You invoke the Law of Reciprocation. You’re giving away free information to the reader. So he feels an obligation to you. If you buy a friend a beer or give them something they feel obliged to give you something back.
  • You’re making your ad valuable by giving away free information the prospect will find useful. The copywriter considered the best copywriter in the world ( now retired) Gary Bencivenga said, “Always make your advertising valuable”.

So that’s it for now. This concludes Part One. Check out Sales Prospecting Part 2.