The Offer

How To Light a Fire Under Your Customers So They’re Begging You To Take Their Money Because They’re Terrified They’ll Miss Out On Your Offer

Getting the order – there are many sales letters that have been posted out without a call of action. You need to show your customer step-by-step what they need to do next.

You can even explain what they need to do. Take your customer by the hand and lead them through the actions you want them to take.

If it’s an order form tell them what to do:

#1 Fill in your name

#2. Fill in your address

#3 Put your email address here.

#4 Etc, etc

Here are 9 of the most deadly order form mistakes:

1. The offer is unclear.

2. Order form is inconsistent with the rest of the letter.

3. The guarantee is missing.

4. The writer doesn’t resell the big promise.

5. Not enough room for the customer to write in their information.

6. The major benefits aren’t re-instated.

7. Payment options are limited.

8. The seller’s address or phone number are missing.

9. The order form is cluttered and confusing so your prospect abandons the sale.

If you want them to phone make sure you tell them what your telephone number is. I know it sounds simple but double check.

The last thing you want any of your prospects to do is think “This looks interesting I’ll file it away for when it comes in handy.”

You want them to take action TODAY.

Here’s How: You’re going to light a fire under their feet. Make an irresistible offer.

1. Make your offer time limited.

2. Include some bonuses.

3. Say the price is going up by 50% in 7 days.

4. You’ve got limited availability.

Hit them where it hurts so they’re terrified to miss out.