Don Corleone

“Guaranteed…The Amazing ‘Marketing’ Secret Of a Mafia Boss You Can Use to Multiply Your Profits…Fast”

Do you remember the movie “The Godfather”?

Perhaps you remember Marlon Brando playing Don Corleone?

And one of his famous scenes where one of the Don’s henchman is discussing how they should persuade someone to do their bidding.

At the head of the table, Marlon Brando growls, “Make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

What he’s saying is give the guy an irresistible offer. And if he doesn’t bite on it…he’s a dead man. The mafia hit men will be calling in on him. And not to ask after his health.

Now you don’t have to go quite that far with your marketing. Going around saying, “Do business with me…or…you’re history.”

Besides you’d have a huge body disposal problem.

BUT there’s a huge vital lesson from this you must exploit in your business. To really get your prospects salivating and reaching for their wallet.

The Secret of the Irresistible Offer

You want your target market to see what terrific value they’re going to receive by doing business with you.

Can you remember the Ginzu knife demonstrations? Years ago I can vaguely recall seeing a live demonstration at The Royal Cornwall Show. The guy was selling a package knives. And he got to the end of his sales pitch…

And he says…..”But wait there’s more!” …and he’s off again throwing in a extra bonus when you buy.

And just when he’s coming up to close the sale again…he comes out with…

…“One other thing…you also get…” and there’s another bonus thrown in.

This goes on and on. Bonus after bonus thrown in. Building the value in the prospect’s mind until he’s stood there thinking this is too good a deal to turn down. So he buys. It’s the irresistible offer in action.

What does this mean to your business?

What bonuses can you offer? What can you do to sweeten the deal? What makes your products or services so irresistible that the person has got to be…

…Brain Dead to Turn You Down

YOU must do this. It makes you the ONLY choice to do business with.

Want some other real life examples of how to craft an irresistible offers?


Thought you might. How about….

…“We fix your car right or we’ll buy your car”

…“If I don’t remove your stain or get you sparkling clean carpets…I’ll pay you $50 for your time. Plus: I’ll find another company for you and pay your bill”

…“You get relief from your aching back, or your visit to my office is FREE”

….”I guarantee to sell your home within 45 days…or…I’ll pay you $50 cash just for your trouble.”

Or say you’re selling an information product. An ebook. Or an audio CD.

Pile on the bonuses.

Make sure they have a high perceived value to your buyer. So your buyer just isn’t getting a $37 ebook. He’s getting $77….$97…$127 of bonuses thrown in absolutely FREE when he buys.

Crank up the pressure on your prospect. So inside his mind he’s thinking, “Jeez I get all this….AS WELL.”

Are you starting to get the message? Are your creative juices bubbling?

Can you see how you can eliminate your competitors with your own irresistible offer? How it becomes a no-brainer to do business with you?


Become your own Don Corleone and see your profits multiply. Fast.