Sales Letters

They’re Persuasive, Simple and Inexpensive Tool And They’re Your Passport to Greater Business Profits and Riches

The most persuasive piece of paper you can ever send out to a customer or client is a sales letter. This is a one-to-one communication which explains to your potential buyer the benefits of what your offer is.

Sales letters can generate thousands of pounds for your business, consistently, easily and quickly.

When the post arrives in the morning it falls into three categories:

* Category 1: Personal looking mail. These have hand or type written address and usually are in a plain white or coloured envelope and have a normal stamp on it. You place this in pile ‘A’ to open first.

* Category 2: Mail that maybe personal or could be commercial. At first glance this post is more difficult to identify though it might give you a ‘sales look’. Maybe you can see colour inside or your name isn’t correctly spelled. You place this in pile ‘B’ and open it after your personal mail.

* Category 3: Mail that’s after a sale. Commercial solicitations usually have bright coloured envelopes – with copy and photos on the front and back. You might place some of these in pile ‘C’ to open later if you have time – the rest you throw in the bin.

Your aim is to get your letter into the ‘A’ pile.

Imagine that you get a letter through the post in a plain white envelope with your name and address printed on it. When opened you find a personalised letter to you with my signature at the bottom of the letter.

Chances are you would open the letter and start reading it to find out what it’s all about.

An effective sales letter grabs the reader’s attention, gives them an irresistible offer that makes it virtually impossible for your prospects to resist your offer and gets them to buy.

You can easily target 100 potential customers with a direct mail shot. And all for only £20-£30 in postage costs.

I’ve seen sales letters get a 33% response rate. And one even achieved a 63% response when sent to a customer’s list. NO other marketing method beats a good sales letter.