Announcing a marketing agency that guarantees to generate more leads and sales for you…or you do NOT pay a single penny for any work


Mark_new_photoIf you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, I have a no-risk offer for you.

We guarantee to generate more sales for you… or our marketing services are FREE. That’s right, the advertising and marketing we create must generate leads and sales or it won’t cost you a single penny.

Why can we guarantee you results?

With fifteen years of writing ads and sales pieces we know what works and more importantly what will not work when creating sales pieces. The approach our copywriters take is that all advertising is salesmanship in print. Every word must gently nudge the reader towards taking action. i.e. buying your product or contacting you.

But are there any catches with working with us?

Well, yes there are. There are three… Read More

“… Outstanding Results For Clients…”

“Mark sets himself apart from a lot of today’s copywriters in the only two ways that really count: 1) He’s done the work to learn the craft thoroughly — and 2) he’s gotten outstanding bottom-line results for his clients. If you want a copywriter who knows what works and how to use that knowledge to put more money in your pocket, talk to Mark.” David Garfinkel – World Copywriting Institute

“…World Class Direct Response Copywriter Says…”

“Thanks for the turnaround on the copy. You did a fine job. It’s exactly what I was looking for.”Doug D’Anna, Top USA Financial & Health Newsletter Copywriter with over $125 million in sales

” …1 in 3 Responded…”

“The opt-in page Mark wrote for me, tripled my opt-in rate. Mark also wrote a 2 page sales letter, and 1 in 3 brokers responded to my offer. If you want results hire Mark.” J. Ford, Entrepreneur, Solihull