Business Sales Leads

How to convert more of your web site visitors into business leads and sales

I look at many web sites. Just as your potential web site visitors do. And the majority of these sites have many flaws. So lets take a look at what you can change to make your site more effective.

1. Have a benefit orientated headline.

Your headline must enter the conversation the reader is having in their mind when they type in their search query into Google.

Also, your headline must also have a strong benefit that the reader wants. This will grab your reader and make them want to read your body copy.

Too many sites have a headline, “Welcome to XXX Company……”

The problem with the above headline is there is no benefit for the reader. So why would they want to read on? They wouldn’t.

2. You must capture your prospect’s email address.

If you can capture your prospect’s email then you can start to build a relationship with them over the future weeks. You don’t know where the person is in the buying stage. They might just be looking. Or they may be ready to buy now. Or they may be ready to buy in a few weeks.

Capture their email, give your prospect relevant information and they’ll be more likely to do business with you.

3. Provide some proof that you’re a bona fide company.

When I land on a site I think to myself who is this person and why should I believe anything they say. So put up some third party proof. Credentalize yourself. Give me some proof as to why I should believe anything you say. Otherwise I’m out of there. Remember it’s so easy to hit the ‘Back’ button.

Put up a photo of yourself. Or make an introduction video and put it on your site. People do business with people. So make your personality shine through.

4. Choose your words carefully.

Your words are your sales person on your web page. So what would you say to an ideal prospect if you were standing opposite to them.

You certainly wouldn’t start every sentence with “We do…. We……We….” Yet this is a common mistake. People are only interested in themselves. So talk about the things that are going to interest your prospect. Do this and you’ll keep them reading every word.

5. Don’t be boring.

Another common mistake is the sales copy is just to damn boring to read. Nobody is going to sit there and struggle to read your every word. So be exciting in your copy. This doesn’t mean be hypey though.

6. Have a great offer.

Make it easy for your customer to want to do business with you. So have a great offer. An irresistible offer is even better. And explain why your offer is so great.

7. Have a strong guarantee.

Have the strongest guarantee you can have. When you do this you remove the risk from doing business with you.

8. Hire the best copywriter you can afford.

Copywriting is salesmanship in print. A good copywriter will increase your conversion rate.

9. Answer the questions going through the prospect’s mind.

And overcome any objections that they might have to doing business with you. Just as would if you were face-to-face with someone.