Advertising Truths

Revealed…The Shocking Truth Why Your Advertising Is Costing You a Fortune…and…How You Can Quickly and Easily Run Ads Which Generate Sales


You’ve been lied to.

You been conned.

And it’s drained your bank account.

You’ve fallen for the newspaper/magazine salesperson and their smarmy smooth talking telephone charm and you’re going to run an ad campaign.

You’ve been told it pays to advertise. Get your name out there. Build your brand awareness.

So you write your ad and run it. And wait for the telephone to ring. And ring. For your Inbox to become flooded with messages demanding your services and products… for your fax machine to meltdown with the incoming faxes.

…However all you get is silence.


Sadly that’s a familiar scenario for 99% of companies. And it’s a criminal shame.

They end up convinced that advertising doesn’t pay. That it’s a waste of money.

However. Here’s the truth.

If you’re going to advertise you must use direct response methods!

That’s ads which demand a response. Not wishy washy institutional advertising. Well, unless you’ve got bottomless pockets…forget about brand awareness. That’s going to cost you a fortune.

Here’s what you do:

For instance. Say you’re a butcher.

And you’re trying to attract new customers to your shop. So you think about starting an advertising campaign. You look in your local newspaper and see how other people advertise their business.

“Ah, that’s how you must advertise,” you say. After all that’s what other companies are doing.

So you write your name at the top of your ad.

And you list the features of what you offer.


YES. You.

Look the first thing you do is write a headline.

Not just any headline. But a headline which appeals to your target market. One that hones in on their desires, wants and beliefs.

So instead of:

Tom Jones Butcher.

Sausages. Joints.

Call in and see us.

Best beef in Town


“Who Else Wants To Eat The Most Tender, Tasty, All Natural Sausages Around Backed By My 100% Money Back Guarantee?”

And then go into reasons why people should buy from you.

Have an irresistible time limited offer. Include some testimonials. And a guarantee.


There you have it. Your first money generating ad.

But here’s the best bit. You’ve now got an ad that kicks ass and stuffs your competitors.

An ad that’s going to attract customers looking to buy meat.

Remember use direct response marketing methods to multiply your profits. You’ll be glad you did.