How To Use Risk Reversal In Sales Copy

The Amazing Secret of Risk-Reversal and How You Can Exploit It To Compel More Customers to Buy

Give a guarantee with your product or services.

Shock. Horror. Have you picked yourself up off the floor?

YES you must offer a guarantee.

Here’s why:

You instantly knock all those people who are hesitating about purchasing into doing business with you. After all they reason your product or service must be a quality one or else you wouldn’t back it with such a strong guarantee.

A guarantee does two things:

* Rationalising the buying decision. This allows the customer or client to provide themselves with a good reason why they will buy this product or service They really have nothing to lose. There is no risk on their part when buying from you.

* You want your customers to be absolutely delighted with their purchase. And your promise to them is – if they aren’t totally happy with what they have bought – you will either replace, upgrade or refund them their money.

Businesses find it scary to offer a guarantee, they worry there will be an influx of people returning product to them. But, if your products or services are good – then it’s been proven that very few people actually take you up on the guarantee.

Using a guarantee will increase your sales by as much as 300% – 400% with a guarantee. Less than 5% of customers will ask for refund.

It’s essential that to every marketing piece you give or send out that you add a guarantee or risk-reversal. A customer who is happy with their purchase is worth far more money to you than a disgruntled customer.

You’ll get more customers or clients respond to your marketing material if you include a guarantee or risk-reversal in all of your sales messages.