Strategic Email Marketing

How to Stop Your Prospect Saying “Heard it before” When They Read Your Ad

It was the second time I’d seen the email in my inbox with the same subject line.

The subject line said: “Get to page one on Google.”

But I never opened the email. Why was that?

After all, doesn’t every web site owner want to get on to page one of Google? Of course they do. And I’m no different. Higher ranking equals more traffic equals more buyers.

By the way do you know what percentage of clicks each position on Google page one gets? Well, the statistics below may surprise you.

Overall Percent of Clicks
1. 42.13%, clicks
2. 11.90%, clicks
3. 8.50%, clicks
4. 6.06%, clicks
5. 4.92%, clicks
6. 4.05%, clicks
7. 3.41%, clicks
8. 3.01%, clicks
9. 2.85%, clicks
10. 2.99%, clicks
Anyway back to the email I received.  What was the problem with the subject line. And when I say subject line this applies to your headline.

The problem was this: the subject line was a tired promise. I’ve heard it before. The headline has been used a thousand times. It’s been overdone. And…

…When a Promise is Over used, You Yawn.

There’s no need for you to read the message.

It’s like saying “Lose Weight.” The first person who came out with that promise made a fortune. So did the second person. But as the headline became over used the market grew used to it and didn’t bat an eyelid.

BUT the desire to lose weight was still strong in the market. Just as a web site owner wants his site to rank on Google page one.

So how do you as an advertiser get around this?

Well, you need to introduce a new mechanism. And this is exactly what the great copywriter Gene Schwartz reveals in his brilliant book Breakthrough Advertising.
Inside the book Schwartz talks about the various stages of awareness of the prospect.

And you need to know this as well. That’s if you want to increase the readership of your ads.

You need to find a new mechanism, a new way for your prospect to get what they want. For Example:

So “Lose Weight” turns into “Lose 20lbs in 14 days”. And then the previous headline becomes “How to melt those stubborn last few pounds off”.

You have to find a different way to phrase the big benefit of your product or service. A new way. A method your market has not heard before. When you do this your promise is news to your market. And they’re more likely to read your ad.