Do you qualify to become a client?

  1. You must let us write and run the advertising that we think will sell. If you insist on changing anything in the sales copy that we write then we cannot guarantee results.
  2.  We must think your current advertising and marketing can be improved. If we don’t think this, then we’re NOT a good match.
  3. You must have a bona fide product or service that people want. That people are looking to buy.

Here’s how we have helped other clients

  • A mortgage broker had one in three readers respond to a magazine insert we wrote.
  • A plastic card manufacturing company saw its sales increase from £24,000/month to £53,000/month within 90 days. That’s an increase of £29,000 per month.
  • A company selling a toddler’s reading program saw its sales DOUBLE after running a magazine ad we wrote. Wouldn’t you like to see your sales double?

A Yorkshire dental practice was flooded with inquiries for a £1,000 dental service after running an ad we wrote. Look, you’re already paying for marketing, so why not use marketing that generates a higher response?

A manufacturing company got a 64% response rate to a sales letter. That’s sixty customers out of every hundred customers who responded.

A health supplement company got a 42% boost in sales from their email blasts. That’s like getting one in two people to buy.

So who is this offer for?

It’s for you…

… If your business needs marketing and advertising that converts readers into taking action….

… If you are a business owner or entrepreneur with a great product or service but your current marketing is NOT generating results…

… If you have the funds to run the marketing and advertising that we produce…

… If your current web site is NOT getting enough web site visitors…

… If your current web site is NOT generating inquiries for you…

… If you’re an ambitious business owner who knows the benefit of direct response marketing…

… If you’re fed up with running image based ads which get your name out there BUT do little to generate sales…

…Then we invite you to contact us for a no-obligation chat. Remember we guarantee you more leads and sales… or… our services are FREE.

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